Graf & Thomas LBR

We buy and sell all species of hardwood logs.


A rock solid foundation...

Graf and Thomas LBR was founded by Damon Graf and Steven Thomas in 2016. Both owners are 3rd generation lumbermen that come from very established families in the lumber business. Damon is from the Taylor Lumber/Graf Brothers group in Ohio, and Steve is from CJ Thomas Lumber in Kentucky. Damon and Steve have known each other 30 years, both played football and graduated from high school together.

Graf States, “ Having a good partnership is absolutely key to be able to successfully grow your business. Steve and I have known each other 30 years, so we trust each other’s decisions 100%.”

We Export, Saw, and Resell.


  • Vanceburg, KY
  • Grayson, KY
  • South Shore, KY
  • Ironton, OH
  • Maysville, KY (coming soon)

We buy and sell all species of hardwood logs. We have great logistics to Cincinnati or Columbus Rail for log exports.  We export, saw, or re-sell domestically the following species. We have access to our own trucking, so drayage from yard to rail is simplified.

We practice sustainability for future generations.

We at Graf and Thomas LBR follow very strict guidelines for harvesting. Also, we only practice the select cut harvest method, no clear cuts. 

Damon Graf

"We have great logistics...for log exports. We have access to our own trucking, so drayage from yard to rail is simplified."

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3rd Generation Lumbermen...

Steve and I have known each other 30 years, so we trust each other’s decisions 100%.


White Oak

is one of the preeminent hardwoods of eastern and central North America. It is a long-lived oak, native to eastern and central North America and found from Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Maine south as far as northern Florida and eastern Texas.

Red Oak

is a native of North America, in the eastern and central United States and southeast and south-central Canada. It grows from the north end of the Great Lakes, east to Nova Scotia, south as far as Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, and west to Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Minnesota


is very hard, stiff, dense and shock resistant. There are woods that are stronger than hickory and woods that are harder, but the combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness found in hickory wood is not found in any other commercial wood.


is a hardwood and is hard, dense, tough and very strong but elastic, extensively used for making bows, tool handles, baseball bats, hurleys, and other uses demanding high strength and resilience.


is valuable; perhaps the premier cabinetry timber of the U.S., traded as "cherry". High quality cherry timber is known for its strong orange hues and high price. Low-quality wood, as well as the sap wood, can be more tan.


attractive timber, which is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish. The colour ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate in the heartwood. When kiln-dried, walnut wood tends toward a dull brown colour, but when air-dried can become a rich purplish-brown. Because of its colour, hardness and grain, it is a prized furniture and carving wood.

Hard Maple

is used for bowling alleys and bowling pins are both commonly manufactured from sugar maple. Trees with wavy woodgrain, which can occur in curly, quilted, and "birdseye maple" forms, are especially valued. Maple is also the wood used for basketball courts, including the floors used by the NBA, and it is a popular wood for baseball bats, along with white ash. It is also widely used in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as the members of the violin family (sides and back), guitars (neck), and drum shells. It is also often used in the manufacture of sporting goods.

Soft Maple

is used in furniture, cabinets, flooring, musical instruments, crates, and tool handles, because it is light and easily worked


is a lighter, more porous material. Its flexibility and close grain make it suitable for a number of applications.


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